Graceland Schools – Pupils Visit ‘The Invent’ on Excursion

It was a beautiful sunny day on Thursday 15th March, 2017 when the pupils of Graceland schools came to The Invent on an excursion. The pupils arrived at exactly 11:00am with few of their teachers and were all excited about the visit. They were welcomed receptively by the Chief security officer (Lolade Bello), The Facility Manger (Rosemary Chukwukere) and the Managing Director of Invent Alliance Limited (Patrick Ogbonna).

The pupils from age 2 – 10 were so happy to visit the building and tour. They visited the Oven Fresh Bakery, the Warehouse and the Information Technology department where they were lectured and taught the basic process of baking, how the warehouse works and some computer tools and monitoring. The tour started in the bakery teaching few pupils how to bake bread while some were allowed to try it out. After this phase they were all taken to the warehouse where they were showed around and briefed on how the warehouse works, how goods are placed on pallets and names of machines used, using the forklift to pick and return goods. There was a question and answer segment also and those that got questions right were gifted. The pupils were obviously amazed at the processes and were very excited to have had such an amazing experience.

To round it all up they were taken to the Information technology room where the monitoring and technical aspect of the computer and the facility takes place. The Basic 3 & 4 pupils were lectured on the computer parts, how it works and were given basic details on information technology and what happens in the computer room. The pupils were all excited because it was a good day to learn more, discover new things and have fun by doing and experiencing something different. The students and teachers were glad they visited and they promised to visit again. The MD had some goodies already packaged for all pupils and their teachers and they were all grateful after receiving it.

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