About Us

Invent Alliance Limited

Invent Alliance Limited is a company specialized on creation of multi sector and multi discipline business platform with specialist partnerships for value co-creation in each of the different business segments through modern co-petition business principles.

These multi segments are operated as strategic business units (SBU) with full profit and loss responsibility towards the alliance.

We currently have interests (and growing) in the following areas (SBUs):

  • Virtual Office & Hosted Services Business Unit
  • Bakery Services & Consultancy Business Unit
  • Digital Multi-Media Business Unit
  • High Tech Logistics Business Unit
To create a multi-business alliance through development of a multi sector and multi discipline platform via strategic partnerships across diverse business segments and cultures for value co-creation.Invent Alliance Vision

Mission Statement


To create true partnerships with our customers, offering innovative solutions and a superior service that meets and exceeds their requirements at all times.

Quality Standards

To provide excellent customer service to our customers through innovation and diversity of our products range and by keeping abreast of all Nigerian & Global interested industry changes.


To continue to build strong reliable relationship with our suppliers, while continuing to meet our business obligations and increase shareholder value.


– To provide opportunities for member involvement and advancement in the business.

– To create an efficient, satisfying and rewarding work environment where employees may perform to their highest potential.

– To provide a safe workplace, and reward our employees for achieving the highest quality and service to our customers.


– To customize our products range across all interest sectors for quality, functionality and value.

– To offer technical expertise to assist our customers to develop and enhance their products and services.

Financial Stability

– To maintain growth and profitability for Invent Alliance and our customers through efficient management.

– To operate a business that will provide financial success through the marketing and delivery of high quality products and services across all interest sector.