High Tech Logistics Business Unit

Warehouse as A Service (WaAS)

Invent Alliance Limited WaAS provides fully mechanized and serviced warehousing solution with state of the art facilities, saving you the cost and time spent on warehouse maintenance. We pride our self as the first in Nigeria to offer this unique value proposition. Our offering is targeted at companies wishing to drive and measure productivity within the logistics value chain. We provide the capability and measurement input to achieve just that, guarantying a positive impact on your bottom-line by delivering measurable and noticeable savings.

Our warehouse facility covers a total storage volume of 6,900 cubic metres. Our Key Value Offering are:

  • flexible lease offers (weekly, monthly, yearly basis) thereby, eliminating the compulsory per annum lease charges (positive operating free cashflow impact).
  • 24- hour access to your goods
  • Possible channel for display/exhibition point of your goods to your customers
  • Palletized storage solution thereby assuring goods handling integrityFull fire, burglary, general peril and flood insurance cover of your goods with us
  • 24-hour Security on site with tier-1 security company in the Nigerian market
  • CCTV camera with remote monitoring
  • Online inventory management system with customer access and periodic reporting for visibility
  • Large vehicle entrance, drive-in and loading bay
  • Fully automated battery operated Fork lift handling

We would be very keen to help you evaluate your specific needs and offer you the services that will help achieve your goals. Please contact our team to inspect our warehouse and book a storage space for your goods.

For further information on our Warehouse services, please contact sales@inventallianceco.com

Cold Room Storage Service

Invent Alliance cold room storage facility is designed to meet your cold storing requirements at any temperature. With multi-temperature controls for handling chilled or frozen foods from perishable food products, to producing ice-blocks and stringent cargo handling and monitoring. We ensure a conducive environment required for standard business operations.

Our cold storage layout is specifically built with centralized air conditioning monitors that are deployed at specific temperatures to preserve goods for a prolonged time. We maintain a wide range of temperature zones, making the facility versatile to suit your need. Our track record proves that we are versatile and able to provide custom tailored cold room storage service to meet a wide range of client requirement. A practise that has helped in offering best rates in town.

Invent Alliance Limited has over 200 cubic meters of refrigerated cold room storage space available in Ajah, Lagos and services for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

For further information on our Cold Room Storage services, please contact sales@inventallianceco.com

Goods Dispatching Service

Invent Alliance Limited goods dispatching service offers competent deliverymen, reliable trucks and dispatchers that will deliver your goods in-full, on-time and at accurately. Our well-trained team members have varieties of skills in using technology tools/devices to communicate and track goods (vehicles) en-route to customers.

We offer both in/out bound services from our warehouse facilities to customer required origin/destination. We also offer full turn-key handling of containers imported into Nigeria from customs clearance, haulage to warehouse facility, offloading, accounting, reporting, storage and subsequent haulage to prospective customers.

For further information on our goods dispatch services, please contact sales@inventallianceco.com