Bakery Consultancy Services Business Unit

Bakery consultancy covers different aspects of bakery business from local recipe and ingredients development to innovation on existing recipes, tastes, optimisation of processes and general baking operation and training of staff and management.

Invent Alliance Limited with our model Bakery setup and running has developed and perfected all aspects of the bakery business. Our services are classified under the following headings:

Bakery Technology Consultancy Service

At Invent Alliance, we offer a wide range of dedicated bakery consultancy services to our clients in the bakery industry. These services include:

  • Bakery Operations
  • Bakery Equipment Engineering, Solutions and Evaluations
  • Bakery Set-up Project management
  • Bakery Financial modelling and Accounting processes
  • Bakery Regulatory Certification etc

Our team of highly motivated professionals with special skills in various aspects of bakery business will take you from concept through to final operational commencement as well as further operational excellence improvements within your business, ensuring you succeed in the bakery business.

Bakery Engineering Solutions and Advisory Service

Here at Invent Alliance Limited, our bakery engineering consultancy team is tasked to recommend to you, the best specifications of equipment that will help you reach your production needs in the most cost efficient and effective manner. With our experience and knowledge in the baking industry, we have developed reliable arrangements with trusted and best equipment suppliers and manufacturers around the globe to ensure we meet your baking equipment requests in a timely manner. Contact us for your food processing and bakery equipment engineering needs. We have qualified engineers and technicians that are ready to help advise, install and maintain the equipment you need. Some of such equipment include Ovens, Mixers, Slicers etc.

Bakery Set-up Project Management

Invent Alliance provides a documented policy for Project Management which represents the guideline for each and every project. Our team of experienced bakery project management experts will work with you to ensure optimal solution for your production needs. We have a culture of ensuring that our project management procedure meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Bakery Operations

Our consultancy services span the following areas of bakery operations: Sanitation and food safety, storing and planning of daily production of product, measuring ingredients and changing formula yields, bakery layouts and planning for production and retail or wholesale, costing of menu items that are sold within a bakery, hiring and training of bakery staff, ingredients scaling and measurement, preparation of various types of yeast dough, recipe development and storing, quality control, basic mixing methods of bread etc, production of baked products using commercial ingredients and equipment, designing a bakery operation and choosing the correct equipment according to type of bakery establishment, production of large volume of products for sell to the public, understanding profit and loss of product sells, forecasting, purchasing, and sourcing raw materials necessary in maintaining an operation.

Bakery Financial Modelling and Accounting Processes

Financial plan modelling for a start-up bakery business is critical to its success, yet this is one of the most overlooked areas of a new bakery business plan. Secondly, putting in place accounting processes tailored to suit the bakery business is another area we have carved a niche in the baking industry. Our book-keeping and accounting templates are seamless and coordinated to produce reports in a form needed for informed decision-making and internal controls aimed at safeguarding the cash and other assets of the business. Our experienced finance and accounting experts will assist you determine the cost per loaf of bread, gross profit margin, break-even points in both units and sales value etc. We have templates that would help our clients monitor their inventory levels. Other financial modelling areas we have expertise include market research, projected trade area etc.

Bakery Regulatory Certification

It is common knowledge that the food and beverage industry is first and foremost a highly regulated industry, like the pharmaceutical industry, and many of its ingredients/inputs, as well as the finished products, have a limited shelf-life. In order to ensure that our clients operate their businesses without fear or favour, we normally offer regulatory compliance advisory services to them as well as apply and obtain registration certificates such as NAFDAC registration number etc on behalf of our clients.

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